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  • Contains tretinoin, a prescription-strength form of vitamin A
  • Works deep at the skin's cellular level5
  • Increases collagen, which the body produces less of with age6
  • Is approved by the FDA for fine facial wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and rough skin

See How ReFissa is Believed to Work

In a clinical trial, 71% of women saw improvement in their fine facial wrinkles and 83% saw improvement in irregular pigmentation.

The ReFissa bioequivalence 6-month study of 382 patients revealed ReFissa and Renova® 0.05% products are bioequivalent.1 In effect, ReFissa and Renova 0.05% demonstrated no statistical difference from one another, neither product being superior to the other, but both proved superior to placebo. Renova is a registered trademark of Ortho Dermatologics, a division of Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ReFissa Results:

Fine Facial Wrinkles Measurable Improvement 71%
No Measurable Improvement 29%

Mottled Hyperpigmentation Measurable Improvement 83%
No Measurable Improvement 17%

Fine facial wrinkles and hyperpigmentation were scored at baseline and at Week 24 by the investigator using a 10-point scale on which 0 represents no damage, 2-3=mild, 4-5=moderate, 6-7=moderate/severe and 8-9=severe. The change was calculated as baseline minus the Week 24 evaluations.2 This product was studied with all patients using daily sunscreen and sun avoidance.

1. Please note: The clinical data in the package insert are from Ortho Pharmaceuticals original clinical trials for Renova 0.05% as required for FDA approval. Please see full Prescribing Information and patient package insert. ReFissa is a trademark of ZO® Skin Health. © 2022 ZO® Skin Health. All rights reserved.
2. Data on file, ZO® Skin Health.
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