Patient Experience | Common Patient Questions

Read below for answers to common patient questions, or download a PDF to share with your patients.

Should I use a sunscreen with ReFissa?

Yes. Practice sun protection and use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher when outdoors. Also, avoid direct sunlight (including sunlamps and tanning beds) and wear protective clothing. If you like, try a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher for daytime.

Will I see better results if I use more ReFissa or use it more often?

Absolutely not. Skin may flake or get red and irritated.

Is a pearl-sized amount of ReFissa enough?

Yes. A pearl-sized amount (1/4" in diameter) should be enough.

Why should I wait 20 to 30 minutes after I wash my face to apply ReFissa?

Waiting 20 to 30 minutes can reduce the chance of skin irritation.

Can I use makeup after applying ReFissa?

You can use makeup after applying ReFissa. Keep in mind, you should use ReFissa only at bedtime.

Do I need to switch moisturizers or makeup when using ReFissa?

You may continue your current routine with your soap or cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher). If your cleanser or astringent contains alcohol, menthol, spices or lime, please switch to a milder product.

How do I know if skin redness is a reaction to ReFissa or a sign that it's working?

A good way to tell is by your own comfort level. It is normal to experience some redness during the first month of treatment. If you feel you are having a moderate to severe reaction, contact your doctor.

What if I don't see results with ReFissa right away?

Some people think that if they don't see results in the first few weeks, ReFissa isn't working. That's not true. ReFissa works gradually. In fact, you may not see full results until the 24th week.

What should I do if my face starts to flake or get red?

Flaking skin and redness can be a side effect of ReFissa during the first few months of treatment. Please speak to your doctor if you are uncomfortable. You may be directed to use ReFissa every other night or use less of it each time you apply it.

How much does ReFissa cost?

A 40-gram tube of ReFissa may last for 2 to 3 months, depending on individual usage patterns and costs, on average, less than $2 a day.