Using ReFissa | Track Your Progress

Follow your progress with this chart. Please note, clinical data show that results may proceed at a different pace for different skin types. If you want to get the full effect of ReFissa, use it for at least 24 weeks.


You may see redness, flaking and irritation of your skin. How do you know if this is a reaction to tretinoin (the active ingredient in ReFissa) or a sign that ReFissa is working? A good way to tell is by your own comfort level. It's normal to experience some irritation during the first few months of treatment. If your skin becomes too irritated, consult with your doctor, who may suggest that you try using ReFissa every other night. There are rare instances in which people with sensitive skin cannot tolerate the medication.


You may notice that your skin is smoother and has a softer texture.


Irregular pigmentation may begin to fade, while fine facial wrinkles may begin to diminish. You may see an overall improvement in the texture and appearance of your skin.


You may continue to see and feel your skin texture and skin tone improve. To maintain the results of ReFissa, continue to use it nightly.